Additional Loan Instant

The Best bank not only for additional loans, second or secondary loans! on the additional loan should be suspended. immediately suspend an application for additional credit. It comes into force immediately. It is obliged to implement the recommendations made in the last discussions without delay.

Setting the course for the construction of conveyor systems for day-care centers

Relatives with low to medium family incomes can now also use reduced day care in their own day care centers. At the last meeting, the municipal administration approved the extension with an additional loan. An additional loan was granted for the extension. This is the first intermediate step to overcome the existing supply gap in infant care by 2018 at the latest. “We want all entitled guardians to have a discounted kindergarten place by 2018, said Social Director Raphael Golta, rescinding the concern of the city council.

With the strategic focus on “closing care gaps”, the city administration wants to expand the number of funded day care centers that have been limited so far. At the last meeting before the holidays, the municipal administration gave the go-ahead for the first expansion step in the course of an additional loan to the household. From now on, low- and middle-income children can apply for a childcare place in one of the 228 contracted private daycare centers with proof of eligibility.

So far, there were only a certain number of production sites per daycare – now it is open to the day care centers, each place with appropriate effort as a production center herauszuloben. The municipality of Zurich has been steadily increasing the number of subsidized childcare places in day-care centers for two decades. The forthcoming expansion will be possible to this extent because, inter alia, the cancellation of childcare contributions by the governmental council means that part of the funds released in the Hanseatic city of Zurich will be used to provide child care outside the family.

How do you get to a sponsored kindergarten place?

The claim of a toddler on a sponsored kindergarten place depends on the economic conditions in which the guardians are accommodated. In addition, the legal guardians must be gainfully employed, in search of a job or in a training position. A visit to a day care center is necessary due to the linguistic involvement of the toddler or a specialist office certifies the need for additional care due to psychological or physical overload of the fathers.

On the website of the Ministry of Education and Sport, the respective contribution rate (“contribution factor”, ie the contribution that the legal guardian has to pay for the care of their infants) can be calculated by giving information on the taxable income and assets as well as the number of days of care. If the value is less than 100 percent and one of the other prerequisites mentioned above is met, subsidized care offers can generally also be used.

In the case of a positive application and confirmation of entitlement, the legal guardians may request free childcare places directly from the day care centers of their desired day care centers. The approved application as well as the proof in connection with the occupation, the job search etc. must teach the parents to the children.