Credit for housewives – comparison.

Installment loan for housewives – January 2020

The “housewife credit” has become an outdated term for loans that are given to people with little income, including housewives, single parents, unemployed people, students or trainees.

Today, the installment loan is defined, which is characterized by small amounts and longer terms with low monthly installments as a small loan with a free use.

We focus particularly on the target group of housewives, because the credit requirements for housewives differ in practice according to their own lifestyle and relationship status, which also affects online credit for housewives.

Housewives – the modern definition

The term housewife used to be a separate status symbol. The loyal wife, who took care of the upbringing of the children and the household, had a high social standing. The man brought the money home, the woman got a share of it, both for everyday and personal expenses.

Today the term housewife has a rather negative connotation, because it is associated with a lack of or very low income. This also affects credit requests, because banks do not grant loans without sufficient collateral or co-applicants, and the credit rating must also be correct. But today’s housewives cannot all be lumped together, the personal differences in life are too great. A single mother without a job is just as much a housewife as a single woman without a job.

In addition, housewives can also work part-time or do a mini-job. A housewife can also be retired, and that doesn’t just apply to the older generation of women. Married women who cannot find a job depend on the income of the man, which offers little scope for their own purchases with a low salary.

The income of women is as varied as the living conditions. However, income is decisive for whether an online loan for housewives is granted by banks or credit intermediaries on the Internet, as is creditworthiness. Legal age is also one of the requirements for lending.

A co-applicant or guarantor increases the credit opportunities significantly. And here we are again with the origin of the term “housewife loan”. In the early days of consumer credit, this was only granted to housewives who could specify a co-applicant with regular income, usually the husband.